William Ibenthaler

Wilhelm August Ibenthaler



Age at birth date
29 years old   23 years old
Married on 9 April 1867 to




Martin Bär 1768-1842
Andreas Wolf 1781-1856
Jakob Neidecker 1776-1847

Michael Wolf 1811-1901

William Ibenthaler 1869-1940


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2 - Ortsfamilienbuch Eichstetten

1886 in die USA ausgewandert.

3 - Laut Twelth Census of the United States, Borough of Manhattan, vom 6. Juni 1900

Wilhelm Ibenthaler, geboren: May 1869, Painter (1884 in die USA) Kate Ibenthaler (Ehefrau), geboren: May 1869

4 - Staatliche Archivverwaltung Baden-Württemberg

http://www.auswanderer.lad-bw.de Nr.: 125022 Name: Ibenthaler Wilhelm August Ort: Eichstetten, FR Amt: Emmendingen (EMM) Emigrationsjahr: 1886 Zielland: Nordamerika

Nr.: 125300 Name: Ibenthaler Wilhelm August Ort: Eichstetten, FR Amt: Emmendingen (EMM) Emigrationsjahr: 1886 Zielland: Nordamerika

5 - Edee Kalmanir, 14.4.2008

1910 US Federal Census; 19 Apr 1910 42 East 55th Street Borough of Manhattan, Ward 19, New York City, New York County, New York State, USA Enumeration District 1006, Page 9. Lines 35-37 William, Head of Household, 40y, married 22y, Immigrated 1885, Works as a Collector in a Brewery Katherina, Wife, 40y, Immigrated 1885, No Children, No Occupation Barbara Matz, 20y, single, Immigated 1905, Family Servant

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1930 US Federal Census; 15 Apr 1930 99 East 144 Street Bronx, Bronx County, New York, USA Enumeration District 3-28, Page 17a, Lines 21-22 William, Head of Household, 60y, married at age 21y, No occupation, Immigrated 1886 Catherine, Wife, 60y, married at age 21y, No occupation, Immigrated 1885 Owns his home, worth $19,000. Owns a radio set. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

6 - Edee Kalmanir, 11.5.2008

In a previous message I sent you I gave you the information for William Ibenthaler (b. 1869) from the US Federal Census 1910 and 1930 and told you I could not find them in the 1920 Census. Well I finally found them. They were living in the same place they were in 1910, however, the houses had been renumbered. Their Address is 405 East 55th Street, Manhattan, District 14, New York, USA.

William was naturalized in 1891. In this census he was a painter, owning his own business.

They have a 32y old woman living with them who immigrated from Bavaria in 1911 and has applied for citizenship. She is listed as their servant. Her name is Mary Reinig could be Reiniz. Difficult to read, which is also why I was unable to find William. They had his last name listed as Imen Haler.

Source: U.S. Census > 1920 United States Federal Census > New York > New York > Manhattan Assembly District 14 > Enumeration District 984, Page 12a; Lines 48-50; 7 Jan 1920.

7 - Edee Kalmanir, 3.7.2008

William Ibenthaler b. 24 May 1869 Occ: Painter Residence: 511 E. 85th Street, New York City, NY Applied for Naturalization: 17 Mar 1886 Naturalized: 28 Jan 1895

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1869-1886,Eichstetten (DE) 1886,New York (US)

- marriage, death, burial: FamilySearch

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