Richard Ibenthaler





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Karl Ibenthaler 1853-1903
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Richard Ibenthaler 1912-


Edee Kalmanir, 06.08.2009

Groom's name: Richard Ibenthaler
Groom's birthdate: 10 Apr 1912
Groom's birthplace:
Groom's age in years:
Bride's name: Elfriede Lindermer
Bride's birthdate: 06 Mar 1922
Bride's birthplace:
Bride's age in years:
Marriage date: 23 Dec 1950
Residence: Loerrach, Loerrach, Baden
Marriage place: Evangelisch, Loerrach, Loerrach, Baden
Groom's father's name: Karl Ibenthaler
Groom's mother's name: Sofie Gerhard
Father of bride's name: Ernst Lindermer
Mother of bride's name: Emma Albitz
Groom's race or color (expanded):
Marital status:
Groom's previous wife's name:
Bride's race or color (expanded):
Bride's marital status:
Bride's previous husband's name:
Batch number: M93487-1
Date range: 1945 - 1959
Record group: Germany-VR
Film number: 1189317
Collection: Germany Marriages 1700-1900

- person: Edee Schmidt

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