Jakob Martin Jenne

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31 years old   21 years old
Married on 21 May 1848 to

Marriages and children



Matthäus Jenne 1749-1824
Jakobea Bühler 1755-1811

Johannes Jenne 1784-1863
Barbara Schmidt 1787-1850

Jakob Martin Jenne 1849-1922


1 - Ortsfamilienbuch Bötzingen

1867 in die USA.

2 - The History of the Yakima Valley


Jacob Martin Jenne, the owner of one of the best ranches in the vicinity of Grandview, was born in Germany, March 18, 1849, a son of John Martin and Mary Jenne, who on coming to the new world took their family to Illinois, settling in Calhoun county, where the father purchased a large farm. His remaining days were devoted to its cultivation and improvement, and following his death, which occurred in Calhoun county, his widow removed to St. Louis, Missouri, and later came to Washington, where she passed away.

The year 1876 witnessed the arrival of Jacob Martin Jenne in Island county, Washington, where he rented a large farm which he cultivated for several years. Subsequently he spent twelve years in California but afterward returned to Island county, Washington, where he resided until 1897. He then went to Alaska, where he was connected with the Treadwell Mining Company, spending six years in that country and winning substantial profits during the period. He then located his family at Pullman, Washington, sending his boys to college there, and in 1905 he purchased a ranch of forty acres two miles from the present town site of Grandview, although it was not until the succeeding year that the town was platted and laid out. He later sold twenty acres of his land for more than he had paid for the entire tract. He had given fifty-eight hundred dollars for the forty acres and later sold this for more than twenty thousand dollars. In 1909 he bought twenty acres south of Grandview, Built thereon a fine residence and good barns and bent his energies to the development and improvement of the place, which at that time was wild and covered with sagebrush. His labors have since wrought a marked transformation in the ranch, of which twelve acres is now planted to apples and pears, while the remainder is plow land devoted to the raising of hay and grain. He also conducts a dairy business and his is regarded as one of the best ranches of the neighborhood. He has also planted sixty acres of orchards for others and he is an acknowledged authority upon fruit production in the west.

On the 21st of February. 1878. Mr. Jenne was united in marriage to Miss Mary E. Bingham, a native of California, who for thirty years successfully engaged in teaching school. Their children are as follows: Frank A., the eldest, with his father, is a graduate of Pullman College, in which he completed a course in civil engineering. He married Lora D. Malone, who was born near Pullman, Washington, a daughter of John H. Malone, who located in the Walla Walla valley in 1864 and now resides near Moscow, Idaho. He took up a homestead in the Palouse country in 1873. He had crossed the plains with ox teams in 1864 and was among the earliest of the pioneers in the section in which he located. His wife was born in Oregon. while Mr. Malone is a native of Missouri. Mrs. Malone bore the maiden name of Mary Sparr and was a daughter of one of the pioneer settlers of California who afterward removed to Oregon. As stated, their daughter Lora became the wife of Frank A. Jenne and to them have been born two children: Don E., who was born in Mexico, where his father was engaged in surveying work; and Adelle M. Both are now in school. The second of the Jenne family was Eldred L., who passed away at the early age of twenty-six years. He, too, was a graduate of Pullman College and of Cornell University. He became a famous entomologist and was the discoverer of the methods and habits of the codling moth. He became a famous expert on all insect pests. A young man of great promise, his ability won high recognition from the government and he was the author of much data on insect life. He made many discoveries concerning the enemies of fruit trees and various articles which he wrote have been published and widely circulated by the United States Department of Agriculture. He worked to within ten days of his death, which was occasioned by consumption. The next of the family died in infancy and Alvin passed away at the age of six years.

Mr. Jenne belongs to the Masonic fraternity. His political attitude is one of independence of party ties. He votes for men and measures rather than for party and he stands loyally for his honest convictions. He is today a prominent rancher of the northwest. He shipped the first car load of apples out of Grandview and he and his son have been continuously connected with the development of this section. In fact his son, Frank A. Jenne, came to the district a year before the father and aided in making a survey of the land which they now own and cultivate. He also helped raise the dam across the Yakima river at Prosser and aided in building the sever system of Prosser and its sidewalks. Ile has been a prominent engineer and rancher and the family, both father and son, have contributed in marked measure to the progress and upbuilding of the section of the state in which they make their home.

The History of the Yakima Valley, Washington, Comprising Yakima, Kittitas and Benton Counties, The S.J. Clarke Publishing Co., 1919, Volume II, page 778

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