Georg Friedrich Giesin

  • 7 children
  • 14 grandchildren


Age at birth date
41 years old   37 years old

Marriages and children



Georg Lang 1731-1789
Jakobea Hiss 1740-1793
Christian Bilger 1744-1792/
Agathe Huber 1744-1792

x x
Martin Lang 1775-1840
Sara Bilger 1780-1830

Salome Lang 1817-1882

Georg Friedrich Giesin 1855-1890


1 - Ortsfamilienbuch Eichstetten

1884 in die USA, nach Toledo.

2 - William Giesin, 26.11.2003

~ died tragically while working in the rail road yard in Toledo, Ohio when a train began to move and one of the cars hit the a crowbar that he holding braced against his neck. He died of a broken neck on May 5, 1890, less than a month after his wife and child died, and two days after his what would have been his wife's 32nd birthday. (Both husband and wife are buried in Willow Cemetery on Pickle street lot #387 South Section, Grave #3, Grave #4 in Toledo, Ohio on Pickle Street.)

3 - Staatliche Archivverwaltung Baden-Württemberg Nr.: 124954, Name: Giesin, Georg Friedrich, Ort: Eichstetten, FR, Amt: Emmendingen (EMM), Emigrationsjahr: 1884, Zielland: Nordamerika

- person: OFB Eichstetten

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