Georg Friedrich Frei

  • 14 children
  • 3 grandchildren


Marriages and children



Salome Rinklin 1729-1790
Jakob Jösslin 1733-1808
Barbara Boos 1725-1789

Salome Hartmann 1754-1823
Barbara Ehrler 1765-1796

Georg Friedrich Frei 1818-1869


1 - Verena Steiner

Now about Johann Jakob who is a son of  Johann Georg Frei and  Salome Hartmann was he your forebear? He was married to Katharina Jösslin and their son Georg Friedrich married Christine Danzeisen and their daughter was my great great grandmother.

2 - Ortsfamilienbuch Eichstetten

Polizeidiener. Bürgerbuch 1844.
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