Johann F. W. Bitter

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Johann F. W. Bitter 1814-


Sarah Bitter

Johann F. W. Bitter ( German Translation of J.F.W. Bitter's letter) I was born on October 24, 1814, at Grabstede, a village in the municipality of Bockhorn, in the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg. Baptized November 21, 1814. Confirmed April 26,1829. After serving four years as apprentice (carpenter) I worked a year for and with my beloved father. Thereupon left for Amsterdam, Holland, and there I found my dear wife, surely the greatest blessing that the food Lord has given me on this earth. On the 22nd of May 1844, we were married. Our first child, baptized Elisabeth -- at six months the good Lord took her back. The second child, born on the 14th of August, 1846, again baptized Elizabeth. In 1848, on the 26th of April, we sailed from Amsterdam to America, and after six weeks landed safely in New York, and the next day on to Albany. There we stayed for one year, and there, on November 1st, our Christian was born and baptized. On July 4, 1849 we began the journey to Toledo, and arrived safely. -- On the first night, mother contacted cholera; the danger was great, but the good Lord kept his word, as He said "I am with you always, even unto the end of the world." Mother got well, and I went to work. In 1851 we went over to East Toledo, where on the 5th of March our Wilhelm was born; on the 20th of February 1853 our Johann was born. And on the 6th of January, 1856, our Henry; and our Jacob on February 28, 1858; and Else on February 23, 1860. And in 1863 our Friederich was born, but he was too good for this world, so after three weeks of life, the good Lord took him back.

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