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1 - Sandy Noerenberg, 2.8.2008

My great Grandfather used Clark as an alias as he was married to somebody else when he married my Great Grandma. True Story!. His real name was Clough and he came from a long line of Cloughs in the Eastern US. They can be traced back to 1600's Massachusetts. He was born in Auburn, NY and is also buried there as is his family.

2 - Rootsweb (, 3.8.2008

Notes for George Lee Clark as per Terry Hutchins:

"My grandfather is probably well known throughout the family as a nogoodnick; he was an alcoholic and he was a bigamist. Apparently he had, well, he has at least one other wife and he probably had more than that because he used to come back to Wilton just in time to get my grandmother pregnant and then when she started to show he would take off again. But while he was at home he used to come home drunk, and he would beat everybody in the family except my mother. For some reason or the other she was his favorite and he never laid a hand on her but because she saw her mother and her siblings being beaten by him, it made her an absolute fanatic about liquor. And she just figured that anyone who took a drop of wine was a drunkard."

----From "Memoirs of Hazel Hope Thorson", Part I

"Now, my grandfather, there again I never met him. But Mom said that after grandma died he used to come visit them. Well they probably would have been living in Denver. Of course, you know we come from a long line of fly killers, fly haters. At least on my mother's side. She used to tell him to close the screen door so the flies don't come in and he was a stubborn old Swede and thought maybe she was uppity--who knows what? And so she would catch him, when he didn't know she was looking, deliberately holding the door open and letting the files in. So if there's any meanness on our side of the family we know where it came from.

My grandfather on my mother's side was a bigamist. He was a veteran of the Civil War. He fought on the Yankee's side. We found this out later, because some of Mom's cousins were trying to do kind of a family history. So they found out, I've forgotten where he's buried, but they did find out that his real name was Clough and not Clark. Apparently he had two wives and maybe more they don't really know. But he would come to Wilton and he'd stay just long enough to get grandma pregnant then when she started to show he'd take off. But in the meanwhile he was and alcoholic; he'd get drunk and he'd come home and he'd beat everybody, beat my grandmother, and the children except Mom. She said he never laid a hand on her, she was his favorite. She escaped the beatings, but she saw what was happening and as a result she was rabid against liquor. She was a teetotaler from way back. I suppose you can't blame her.

I don't know what happened to my grandfather. Whether he died or just decided not to come back."

---- From "Memoirs of Hazel Hope Thorson", Part II

Also known as George Lee Clough

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