George John Engel

  • 11 children / 2 marriages
  • 3 grandchildren


Age at birth date
23 years old   22 years old
Married on 2 April 1868 to

Marriages and children



Georg Engel 1775-1853
Magdalena Wingert ca 1778-/1853
Martin Köhl 1787-1869

George Engel 1816-1870
x x
x x

Joe Engel 1845-1926
Eva Keller 1846-1921

George John Engel 1869-1943


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Memorial Record of Southwestern Minnesota (The Lewis Publishing Company - Chicago, 1897) Page 24. George J Engel.

George J Engel, one of the enterprising young farmers of Elk township, Nobles county, Minnesota, has started out in life with every prospect of success, and while he is too young in years to afford material for a complete biography, yet some mention of him is appropriate in this work, and we take pleasure in presenting here the following brief sketch of him and his ancestry.

George J Engel was born near Cedar Rapids, Iowa, January 12, 1869. His parents, John G. and Eve (Keller) Engel, were natives of Baden, Germany. His father emigrated to this country about 1856, his mother in 1866, and shortly afterward located in Iowa. The paternal grandfather of our subject, also named John G., died at the age of fifty four years and the wife of the latter, Anna M., died at the age of fifty six years. George J. Engels mothers father died when fifty six years old and his mothers mother at the age of sixty years. All these were born in Baden, Germany.

On a farm in that state George J. was born and reared, recieving his education in the district schools and in the Cedar Rapids Business College. In the spring of 1893, at the age of twenty four years, he left the parental home, came up to Minnesota, and has since been engaged in farming at his present location in Elk township.

Mr. Engel was married November 15, 1893, to Miss Margaret S. James, a native of Keokuk, Iowa, and a daughter of Henry and Elizabeth James, a native of Oxfordshire England. Her father was a soldier in the Crimean war. He first came to America in 1854 and made a settlement in DeKalb county, Illinois, returned to England in 1861, and on coming back to this country in January 1862, took up his abode in LaSalle county, Illinois. There he maintained his residence till 1869, from that time until 1875 was in Kansas, and after another move or two came, in 1888 to Worthington, Minnesota, where he and his good wife still reside. Mr. Engels paternal grandparents when John and Margaret James, who lived and died in Oxfordshire.

In his political views Mr. Engel harmonizes with the Democratic party, having cast his first vote for President Cleveland. He is a consistent and worthy member of the Lutheran church.

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