Frederick George Leveson-Gower

  • Born in 1832
  • Killed in 1854
  • 22 years old


Age at birth date
46 years old   26 years old
Married on 18 May 1823 to



Granville Leveson-Gower, Markgraf von Stafford 1721-1803
Louisa Egerton 1723-1761
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Frederick Howard, Graf von Carlisle 1748-1825
William Cavendish, Herzog von Devonshire 1748-1811
Georgiana Spencer, Herzogin von Devonshire 1757-1806

George Leveson-Gower, Herzog von Sutherland 1758-1833
Elizabeth Gordon, Gräfin von Sutherland 1765-1839
George Howard, Graf von Carlisle 1773-1848

George Sutherland-Leveson-Gower, Herzog von Sutherland 1786-1861
Harriet Howard, Herzogin von Sutherland 1806-1868

Frederick George Leveson-Gower 1832-1854

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