Francis Godolphin Osborne

Freiherr Godolphin (1st)

  • Born in 1777
  • Died in 1850
  • 73 years old
  • 5 children
  • 9 grandchildren


Age at birth date
26 years old   23 years old
Married to

Marriages and children



Peregrine Osborne, Herzog von Leeds 1691-1731
Francis Godolphin, Graf von Godolphin 1678-1766
Henrietta Churchill, Herzogin von Marlborough 1681-1733
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Thomas Osborne, Herzog von Leeds 1713-1789
Mary Godolphin ca 1716-1764
Robert Darcy, Graf von Holderness 1718-1778
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Francis Osborne, Herzog von Leeds 1751-1799
Amelia Darcy 1754-1784

Francis Godolphin Osborne, Freiherr Godolphin 1777-1850

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