About Geneee

  1. What is Geneee?
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Geneee is a genealogical database that currently consists of 217,924 persons and their families.

Geneee is based on the free genealogy software Geneweb - available at geneweb.org. Geneweb, however, has been modified and extended by several functions to meet the requirements of Geneee.

Geneee was initiated in 2003 by David Schmidt.

Inspired by a local family book as a gift was the interest in the subject and the desire to explore their own ancestors.

In the meantime, however, a circle of friends has been formed by many other interested people, who regularly develop and contribute content.

Genealogy can quickly become a great passion. Ultimately, the subject has to do with people. Every life story is unique and interesting, all the more so through the course of history - the circumstances under which people have lived or had to live, when poverty has led to the long and arduous path taken to a distant place.

Over the many years of research, far more data has come together than just the own ancestors. Each ancestor can be an ancestor of another. The more information about generations there is, the more extensive are the offspring. Migration of citizens has always existed. It was not only to America, but also to other parts of the world.

Geneee serves the purpose of making that genealogical data available and accessible to interested parties.

The most common surnames are: Schmidt, Adler, Jenne, Danzeisen, Meier, Müller, Krumm, Höfflin, Hiss, Boos, Sexauer, Ernst, Rinklin, Wiedemann & Weiss.

Others can be found in the list of surnames.

The area of research is the south-west of Germany, the southern Baden around Freiburg im Breisgau. The places Bahlingen and Eichstetten at the Kaiserstuhl are the main focus.

If there is data you would like to add, please feel free to contact us. We can discuss all further steps.

Please get in touch: [email protected].

You are also welcome to passively support us with a donation. Either once or by a freely selectable monthly amount. The

Finally, a comment on data privacy: We take the legal regulations very seriously and generally publish only data about people born before .

Note: Missing data can be supplemented and incorrect data corrected, please contact Geneee.