Giovanni de Medici


Age at birth date
24 years old   21 years old
Married in 1539 to



On Cosimo I. de Medici, Herzog der Toskana 1519-1574's side

  • NN 1566-1566

  • Giovanni 1567-1621 54 years old

  • Virginia 1568-1615 46 years old
    10 children


Jacopo Salviati 1461-1533
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Maria Salviati 1499-1543
Pedro Álvarez de Toledo, Vizekönig von Neapel ca 1480-1553
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Cosimo I. de Medici, Herzog der Toskana 1519-1574
Eleonora von Toledo, Herzogin von Florenz 1522-1562

Giovanni de Medici 1543-1562

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