Frieda Martha Umoske

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Ted Geisert

I'm not certain of the place of death for my mother, Frieda Martha Umoske, When she became ill, I stayed witha my Aunt Lena and Uncle Lawrence Elliot in Los Angeles. My brother Gerald stayed with one of my Dad's cousins in Ogallala, Nebraska. My father took my mother to live in Phoenix evidently to see if the dry climate would help. I don't know if my mother died while in Phoenix of had returned to the Los Angeles area. After my mother's death my father took me to Denver where his family lived. On the way to Denver, I remember my dad stopping in Phoenix evidently to close up the house where he stayed with my mother. I can remember spending a night in this house sleeping on a cot with the doors and windows open to get relief from the heat.

The 1920 census shows Frieda (census lists her last name as Umoski) living in a rooming house in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a cousin, Lillie Pitschka, both of whom had their occupation shown as weaver (in a woolen mill). Ted (Theodore)

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