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Aus Bremen.

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Date of Arrival: 26.05.1909

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http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Search/SSDI/individual_record.asp?recid=093266164&lds=3&region=-1&regionfriendly=&frompage=99 geboren: 24.06.1894 gestorben: August 1976 in New York

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5.1 - Wine shop gets better with age

By Catherine L. Foley

The license is trattered, framed, near the entrance of Siemers Wine & Spirits. It was the 937th issued in New York State, just three weeks after Prohibition ended. Past the entrance, Robert and Delia Siemers welcome customers six days a week to their full-service liquor store, 70 years in the making.

When Robert's grandparents, Emil and Catherine, received the liquor license, dated Dec. 28, 1933, they opened Siemers Wine & Spirits at 4 West Post Road, White Plains, next door to Siemers Delicatessen. They had run the deli successfully for several years and saw a lucrative opportunity to expand, Delia said.

Siemers Wine & Spirits arrived in Bedford when the Hunting Ridge Mall was built in 1971. Emil and Catherine wanted to move their business out of what was becoming a run-down White Plains, Delia said, and at the time, Bedford was a short 20-minute commute.

When the liquor store opened at the new location, Emil and Catherine turned over operations to their son Robert Emil Siemers, Delia said, and closed the deli, a sad passing for many who traveled far distances to taste Catherine's famous German-style potato salad. They still came to the liquor store regularly to help with business.

"Grandma would sit behind the counter and greet customers. A lot of people who come into the store today still remember Grandma and Grandpa", Delia said.

The third generation of Siemers joined the business after Robert and Delia said they were jobless and living on Cape Cod in Massachussetts. Robert's father, Robert Emil, asked him if he wanter to become a partner in the business and Robert and Delia moved to Bedford in 1979.

Robert Emil died in 1988 and Robert and Delia took over. Robert's mother, Arlene Mosher Siemers lives in Somers and comes in to help with bookkeeping, Delia said.

The fourth generation, Robert and Delia's three children, help run the store in their vacations from college. Jason, 24; Megan, 22; and Erin, 20, were all educated in the Bedford Central School District. Delia said she wasn't sure the store would be carried in by them.

"It's a lot of work and they all want to do something else. Unfortunately, I don't think it's something they want to take over."

Delia, 51, and Robert, 53, still have hopes one of their children will take an interest in running the family business after college. "Reality may hit and they'll realize, 'Well, this isn't such a bad business after all'", Delia said.

The rewards of running a family business have far surpassed the challenges, she continued. Price competition with large, corporate liquor stores is an uphill battle. Delia said they are competitive on some of the major brands and the Siemers compensate by giving their customers personalized service.

"We try to accommodate the individual. We try to know our customers, what they buy. We do special orders. If they don't know what they want, we'll recommend something. We usually have six wines on the floor at all times that Robert's recommended wines", Delia said.

On the family side of things, Delia said her family has learned to work together and value each other's strengths. "You have differing opinions and you have to learn to work through them", Delia said. "It keeps us very close. It's given us a special bond that a lot of people don't have today".

Delia said business has been very successful since the Siemers moved to the busy Hunting Ridge Mall. "We have very nice clientele, very friendly."

Judy and Jim Bowman moved to Bedford in 1965 and became customers at Siemers Wine & Spirits as soon as it opened, Judy said. "We've always stayed with them, mainly because they're friendly. We've been on a first-name basis forever."

Judy said the smiles, the service and the first-name basis were the qualities she loved in family business. "It's something that's totally lacking in Bedford."

She said the Siemers' business made a great contribution to the town and it was sad to watch other family businesses close over the years. "I just don't the the same warm and fuzzy feeling when I go into some of the new shops."

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