Elisabeth Seymour

  • 1 child
  • 5 grandchildren


Age at birth date
32 years old   17 years old
Married on 5 July 1715 to

Marriages and children



Charles Seymour, Freiherr Seymour of Trowbridge 1621-1665
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Joceline Percy, Graf von Northumberland 1644-1670
Thomas Thynne, Vizegraf Weymouth 1640-1714
Frances Finch ca 1650-1712
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Charles Seymour, Herzog von Somerset 1662-1748
Elizabeth Percy 1667-1722
Henry Thynne 1675-1708
Grace Strode ca 1676-1725

Algernon Seymour, Herzog von Somerset 1684-1750
Frances Thynne, Herzogin von Somerset 1699-1754

Elisabeth Seymour 1716-1776

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