Anna Maria Ackermann

  • 5 children / 2 marriages
  • 18 grandchildren


Marriages and children


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Maria Schreck 1732-1783

Anna Maria Ackermann 1829-1902


Find A Grave

Their names don't match because she remarried after his death. I also have some details to offer.

It was George Jakob Koehl, born Aug. 27, 1823 in Bahlingen, Baden, Germany. George and Mary married on Jan. 29, 1850 in Bahlingen, Baden, Germany. George died August 5, 1877 in Benton Co., Iowa.

Mary's maiden name was Ackersmann. She was born July 16, 1829 in Baden, Germany. She died on April 19, 1902.

- person, marriage 1: OFB Bahlingen
- burial: Find A Grave

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